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Welcome to the world of love, laughter, and once-in-a-lifetime experiences! On this page, I'm happy to share a handful of the great wedding stories I photographed. These are just a few of the many fantastic romance and joy stories unfolding before me. I welcome you to immerse yourself in these beautiful stories, each a unique journey of love and harmony.

Gallery December 4, 2023

Fairytale Lake Bled Wedding

This Lake Bled wedding was a true fairytale. The trees were lush and vibrant with greens, and the lake's shimmering turquoise...
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Gallery March 30, 2023

Lake Bled Registry Office Wedding

The air was pleasantly warm, a sign of spring's arrival, and Lake Bled lay placidly before us. The trees around the...
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Gallery February 27, 2023

Lake Bled Island Wedding

The whole morning, I kept asking myself "Will it rain or not?" as a big Mexican wedding was set to take...
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Gallery February 25, 2023

Lake Bled Summer Wedding

On this beautiful summer day, the colours were vibrant and the light was bright; it was the ideal setting for a...
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