The whole morning, I kept asking myself "Will it rain or not?" as a big Mexican wedding was set to take place at Lake Bled. I kept my gaze fixed on the sky, hoping for mercy ...

Wedding preparations

Upon arriving at the private house where everyone was getting ready, I was struck by the atmosphere and anticipation for the big day. In one room, the bride was preparing with her bridesmaids and both of their mothers, doing their hair and makeup. 

Meanwhile, in the neighbouring room, to my surprise, there was a female 'groomsman' among the groom and his party as he handed out his special gifts to them. 

I took the bride and her mom to another room for some portraits; they were so beautiful together and it was heartwarming to witness their love. Then I noticed that the weather outside had worsened yet no one seemed to mind - anticipation still filled the air thickly. 

The groom and his group left while we stayed with the bride and her company. In those last few moments before they departed from their home I managed to take some gentle photos of them making final preparations. 

When we reached vila Bled, it started pouring outside but still, with her head held high, all eyes were on the bride as she confidently marched ahead of everyone else towards the pletna pier despite what Mother Nature threw at us.

Church Wedding on the Island

The rain had subsided a bit for us to arrive on Bled Island with the bride and her entourage. The father walked his daughter down the aisle to the altar, where her groom awaited. The ceremony was beautiful and heartwarming and after ringing the wishing bell for luck, everyone made their way to the reception at a museum. There, champagne was opened and close friends and family gave speeches of love and joy. 

Once the rain cleared, we went outside for photos before boarding a pletna boat for a carriage ride to Bled Castle. We stopped briefly at Bled Heart. As we arrived, everyone waited below the castle to greet the bride and the groom. 

Wedding Party at Bled Castle

We then went to the Bled castle printery where they printed out a historic wedding certificate before heading to the winery, where they bottled a specially made wine. Afterwards, we moved out onto the terrace where they opened sparkling wine with a sword in front of their guests who cheered and offered their congratulations. 

All the guests were led back inside for the wedding dinner; warm speeches were given between courses, accompanied by their first dance as husband and wife followed by one with their parents before cutting the cake that started an epic party!

After an hour or so of celebrations the wedding planner, videographers and I said our goodbyes, full of admiration for such a wonderful day and unforgettable fairytale wedding!

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