Fairytale Lake Bled wedding: a scene straight out of a dream, where the lush, vibrant greens of the trees and the lake's shimmering turquoise provided a breathtaking backdrop for the perfect wedding.

Wedding preparation in Hotel Toplice

Preparations took place in the Grand Hotel Toplice. When I came in the morning, I saw the beautiful bride's dress hung on the terrace door, and all the bridesmaids busy prepping for the big day. The energy in the room was palpable! The groom gifted his bride a heartfelt letter and gift, while his bride surprised him with a special watch.

Wedding planner Melita brought beautiful bouquets just before I stepped out of the room and waited impatiently in front of the room to be called when the bride would put on her beautiful dress. When I entered the room, the bride looked stunning and we were all in awe of her beauty.

Fairytale Lake Bled wedding on Bled Island

We then took a Pletna boat to reach the island church on Bled island, with both groomsmen sailing in their own traditional boat pletna and bridesmaids accompanying the bride in hers. When she arrived at the altar, her groom was eagerly waiting for her. 

The ceremony was solemn yet breathtaking - they rang the wishing bell to symbolize their new journey together. Afterwards, we celebrated with Slovenian potica and wine at Bled Island. After the reception, we went around the island to take pictures at interesting spots. Just as we were about to leave, glorious sunlight graced us with its warmth!

Reception at Bled Castle

At Vila Bled Hotel, a carriage awaited the bride and groom; I tagged along for some picturesque shots en route to Bled castle - we were last to arrive due to everyone else coming by bus! At the reception at the medieval castle, guests cheered while the groom opened a bottle of sparkling wine with a sword and I took lots of photos of them in the beautiful castle architecture and the middle castle terrace. The view of Lake Bled was stunning and the countryside was surrounded by beautiful snow-capped Julian Alps. 

Wedding dinner was served beneath a chestnut tree amidst happy company - when the evening started creeping up Melita & I said our goodbyes after being filled with amazing unforgettable memories of this Lake Bled wedding that remained etched within our hearts forevermore.

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