Frozen Bled Lake 2017

bled castle in winter

Finally, the lake in Bled is frozen. Only ten days ago, we were observing the first patches of ice appearing in the sheltered parts of the lake.

Bled Lake at Christmas

lake bled on christmas eve

It was a peaceful Christmas Eve. There were only a few people walking around the Lake; they seemed to be peaceful and calm. There was light in the windows of the church.

Bled Wedding Fair

The first Bled Wedding fair was organized this year in the autumn. Visitors were mainly local couples who were planning to marry during the following year.

Golden colors of Bled Lake in Autumn

lake bled in autumn

Early mornings by Bled lake are always beautiful, but sometimes they are spectacular. This happens most often when the lake wakes up under a clear morning sky after a few days of rain. It is already quite cold and the snow has fallen on the neighbouring mountains. The water is still warm and the mist lays over the Lake.

Bled lake early in the morning

sunrise over bled lake

It is highly rewarding to wake up early on such a May morning and hurry up the hill of Osojnica above Bled lake. I started early enough to observe how the lake woke up.