The air was pleasantly warm, a sign of spring's arrival, and Lake Bled lay placidly before us. The trees around the lake were beginning to bloom, a symbol of renewal and a fresh beginning ...

Preparations in Hotel Park

In the morning, I made my way to Hotel Park, excited to document another bride and groom's special day. When I arrived, the bride's hair was nearly finished and the makeup artist waited patiently to apply her artistry. As I photographed the groom, I could feel his anticipation building in the air.

Just as my shoot with him finished up, Melita, the wedding planner, arrived with an exquisite bouquet in hand. At that time, the bride was already dressed. I began capturing photos of her. Later, the conference room windows that looked out onto stunning Lake Bled were utilized for further shots.

The first look in the park

Melita checked the situation, and the groom was already waiting in the park between the hotel and at the Lake Bled registry office to await his soon-to-be wife. When ready, we went down and approached the first-look location with the bride in the park. As the bride slowly approached and touched him, he turned around in awe and I happily captured the pictures of this beautiful and intimate event. 

Civil Wedding in Registry Office

The civil wedding ceremony was breathtaking; the Registry office was filled with light and love. We then moved to a terrace overlooking the lake with its glimmering waters, where we snapped some picturesque shots.

Our next stop was a small pier Heart of Bled, before taking a pletna boat to the island church. Along the way, we were blessed with a magnificent magnolia tree in full bloom near hotel Vila Bled – perfect for more photos! 

The pletna boat landed below the grand island staircase and we continued our way to the island church. We were lucky; on that day there were not many other people around.

Church Wedding on Bled Island

The church wedding ceremony was solemn. In the end, the couple rang the wishing bell at church before stepping out to the bright spring day full of light, symbolizing the bright future before them. After having a small reception on the site, we visited beautiful spots on the island for some more wedding portraits.  

As our wondrous day drew to a close, we left shore with love and beautiful memories in our hearts!

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